• 4K Projector from Sony

    While most of the time a simple screen will do fine enough, sometimes you will have to make use of a projector, which will be able to output image on every flat surface that’s available. The market for them has been quite stagnant for some time, but there are going to be some huge changes soon – Sony decided to combine all of the latest developments in the field in its latest projector, the VPL-GTZ1. It’s a true all-around machine in the projector field, and I’ll show you why.

    Sony VPL-GTZ1 is a projector equipped with a laser light source that provides brightness of 2000 lumen – in addition to increasing the quality of the projected image, this solution is also an economic one. Now, this type of source can endure even 20 000 hours of usage time – can you imagine how many PowerPoint slideshows you present in that amount of time?

    One of the most important features of the Sony VPL-GTZ1projector is the 4K resolution. More and more materials are produced in Ultra HD, and we do not have to explain the advantages of this solution to anyone. The latest Sony projector also boasts something else – allows you to display an image with a diagonal of 66 to 147 inches at a distance of 0 to less than 18 cm from the screen.

    Due to its characteristics, this model is designed primarily for B2B and commercial applications, which could include, for example, museums, visual advertising, and employee training. Detailed information and price are to be given in the next few weeks. The release is scheduled for late summer or autumn, and I can’t wait to lay my hands on it, if I ever have the money to afford it – let’s just hope it won’t be THAT expensive. I hope you’ve enjoyed this piece of technology news, and if you wish to read more about whole 4K industry, head over to 4k.com.

  • clashofclansastuce

    Clash of Clans gems for free?

    Just as most of us know, Clash of Clans is actually a great game but it has a few issues. The main disadvantage of the game is the fact that you need gems in order to go further up the road and develop your little village.

    This might not sound that bad, but for you to get very far into the game you need gems for around 300 euro or more! A massive amount of money just to get your village on the top spots. But, if you are keen on leveling up and getting the best troops and upgrades, rest assured. 

    There are a few French people who have managed to get gems for free. The little program is called Clash of Clans Astuce (or Clash of Clans Trick) and it is available both on Android and iOS. To benefit from it all you need to do is to download it on your phone and to activate it. It’s as simple as that.

    It might sound that this little trick will give you an unfair advantage, but think again. The developers of this game just wanted the money and they didn’t care about all those people who just can’t afford to drop as much as 300 euro for a mobile game. The trick has been specially made for those people who want to enjoy the game at its fullest but don’t want or can’t afford all the gems they need in order to level up and get all of the perks.

    In conclusion, if you like Clash of Clans and you would love to get further into the get but you can’t afford to spend too much money on such a game, than this program is the perfect thing for you. It will give you all the gems you need in order to get the most out of the game for nothing at all!

  • Connect The Tiles: 2048

    The phenomena of 2048 started a few months ago. The game has suddenly made its appearance on the web, being developed by an unknown author, while executing a simple, perfect idea. That’s how great things are born, and that’s exactly what happened. It blew up pretty quickly and by now, there are countless clones and ports available on the Internet, ranging from just few image editing, so you would connect pictures instead of tiles, to completely different board mechanics. Let’s research this – enjoy your read. The idea behind 2048 is simple – you have to connect tiles with continuous powers of two to form bigger and bigger numbers. While the title of the game is 2048, in the original production you can go up to 32768, in a perfect setting. This, however, won’t be an easy task, as this game has some randomness thrown in, to make things harder – when that “2” will appear inconveniently, it can completely destroy your plan to the top. I can assure you, this game is fast and easy to play, making it such an interesting thing – in the era of mobile gaming, something that you can open and have fun with for few minutes on the bus or on the toilet is assured to achieve success. The same thing happened with Flappy Bird, although it died way faster than this game, which is still thriving to live. Gabrielle Cirulli has created a puzzle game that is perfectly adapted to today’s society needs – an achievement that not many are capable of. I, myself, have been enjoying 2048 with my friends and family for the past few months. We’re constantly trying to beat each other scores, and I can proudly say I’m the winner so far. This is definitely and improvement over Flappy Bird, that has caused me nothing but frustration!

  • rustgameservers

    Rust Game Servers – The Survival Of The Fittest

    From research and feasibility study, the rust server game reveals how people could easily change when their humanity is stressed to a given limit. The game simply reveals how women and men can react with respect to the change of their human organ. Basically, the rust server game is the survival for the fittest. Research has shown that rust emanates from the online multiplay survival games. This can be found in the likes of Minecraft, DayZ, and just to mention a few. Nevertheless, the rust server game comes with an empty world. Principally, it will be shaped when rocks hit other platforms such as wood and many more. Rocks can be struck against itself to shape the rust game servers perfectly. While being new and fresh to the world, this game will help users to wrestle each other. This is often done in a self-imposed manner to obtain the largest rocks. On this note, it is clear that the game remain the survival for the fittest.

    It is important to know that the rust game remain a tough one. Research has shown that surviving in the rust game can be easier with codgers or colleagues. It is clear that when pressure appears in the rust server game, your friends may turn to enemies. Hunger may even destroy the player if much attention is not taken. There is every possibility for coldness to kill anyone in the game. Nevertheless, radiation is another dangerous factor that can kill anyone in the rust game. Keeping the world to benefit your existence is the best way of defence. You can always create safeholds and structures to be shielded from enemies. Using the simple explanation in this text will help you survive in the world of the rust game. You can always give it a try now.

    One of the best ways to play Rust is using Rust Game Servers to play with your friends.

  • Humble Bundle Triumph & Larian

    This week, Humble Bundle caters to our needs with their new bundle, focused mainly on strategy and RPG games. This weekend’s sale, a collaboration between Humble Bundle and Triumph & Larian, is a pack of seven games divided into 3 parts, well known to us by this point, hopefully. Let’s skip right to the games, because we’ve all heard the boring details before. As always, by buying, you can decide how much you want to go to charity, to the developers and how much to Humble Bundle. This week’s charities are Save the Children and Doctors without Borders.

    Let’s start with the basic part, consisting of four games, two RPGs and two strategies, very similar to Heroes of Might and Magic, which probably everyone has played back in their time. Age Of Wonders and its expansion, Age Of Wonders: Shadow Magic are turn based fantasy games, classics one could say. While released quite a while ago, its graphic still satisfies today. Fully patched up, running on every modern Windows platform, should keep you occupied for quite some time. Along it, we’ve got Divine Divinity that has been listed on PC GAMER’s “Top 100 PC Games of All Time” in 2012 – A RPG with hack-and-slash elements with open, enormous world left just for you. For the 4th game, we’ve got Beyond Divinity, a follow-up game to the just-mentioned RPG, continuing the story of the main hero.

    If you pay more than 6 dollars, you will get access to the sequel of our strategy game, which is Age Of Wonders II: The Wizard’s Throne – basically, an upgraded-graphics version of the game. There’s also Divinity II: The Developer’s Cut, another game in the Divine Divinity series, this time allowing you to fly as a dragon. If you pay more than 10$, Divinity: Dragon Commander will get added to your purchase, letting you take the throne as the titled Dragon Commander.

    All in all, I believe this is a bundle worth getting, even if just for the basic pack. You will get plenty of play-time just from Age of Wonders to make it worth it.


  • Humble Bundle

    Humble Bundle – Introduction

    Some of you may already have already heard about Humble Bundle because honestly, if you haven’t, you’ve missed out on something epic. But don’t worry, you still can catch up and take pride of being able to get awesome games as a Steam key or a DRM-Free downloadable version for as low as 1$. We’re going to introduce you to the Humble Bundle ideology, why is it so popular and why you should be interested in it. Enjoy the article.

    If you are to learn about why it all started, we have to go back to the back indie-gaming boom a few years ago. It all starts around the time Minecraft is released and ramps up in popularity. Then, we experience a rapid growth in indie production amount. Soon enough, everyone knew that standalone productions could be just as playable as the AAA level games, if not even more enjoyable. We can just take a quick look at how many copies MC or Faster Than Light has sold. Notch’s production recently passed 13 million PC copies sold, so we’re not counting the Pocket or Xbox 360 version.

    The origins of the sole Humble Bundle lay in bundle packages on Steam platform and “pay-what-you-want” sale model first appearing on birthday sale of World of Goo. Jeff Rosen of Wolfire Games was the person who stands behind the concept of the bundles. Being impressed with mentioned World of Goo sales, which was sold in 57 thousand copies for the total of 117 thousand USD after the PayPal fees. He was already well connected with other independent developers, so gathering around and getting to Humble Bundle wasn’t a huge problem for his team.

    How does Humble Bundle work? On a semi-regular basis, there is a two-week sale of few games, number ranging from 3 to 7, which are sold based on “pay-what-you-want” system. It was only later to changed with the bundle divided to games sold for whatever you want, and games which you receive if you pay more than the average payment, which is mostly around 4$.

    The first Humble Bundle was named Humble Indie Bundle (original, I know) and went on sale from May 4 through May 11, 2010. It featured World of Goo by 2D Boy, Aquaria by Bit Blot, Gish by Cryptic Sea, Penumbra: Overture by Frictional Games and Lugaru HD by the Wolfire Games. It has met great reception from the buyers and acquired over 1 million 270 thousand dollars. After that, Jeff was sure this won’t be the last time he organized something like this.

    Over all, Humble Bundles are a great investment even if you don’t plan on playing games in the near future. You’re supporting the charity, you’re supporting indie-developers, you’re supporting PC gaming for a small amount of money. What isn’t there to love?

  • AquariumSnails

    How to Eliminate Aquarium Snails

    Owning an aquarium and taking care of fishes promotes relaxation inside your home. The element of water and the peaceful fishes swimming in it are pleasing to the eyes. However, having an aquarium requires quite a level of maintenance, which most owners don’t mind.

    Maintenance concentrates on cleaning the aquarium of waste and the fishy smell. But aside from cleaning, maintenance also deals with aquarium snails. Most of the time, people won’t mind having aquarium snails, but they will continue to multiply faster than expected.

    Although generally harmless, having too many snails can disrupt the balanced ecosystem inside your aquarium while adding to the waste. Fortunately, it is easy to take care of this problem with several procedures.

    The process of eliminating aquarium snails

    There are basically two general processes in eliminating these organisms. First is to control the snails from multiplying. Second is preventing them from coming back to your aquarium.

    Controlling and eliminating aquarium snails

    Most of the time, controlling won’t immediately eliminate these creatures. However, you can keep them from multiplying which prevents further problems. Famous options include the following:

    • Luring the snails out. Luring will drag aquarium snails out of their hiding spots within the stones and other parts of the aquarium. Once you lured them out, you can start eliminating them. The best option is to get a small, clean jar or saltshaker and place a small lettuce inside it. Place it inside the aquarium, ensuring that the lettuce stays inside it. Aquarium snails will be attracted to the lettuce and feast on it. Check the jar the next day and you’ll see how many aquarium snails you lured out. You can use the same process to keep the snail population under control.
    • Food control. Snails survive inside the aquarium because of the amount of food they obtain. Your fishes probably leave a lot of food behind since they can’t consume it anymore. This gives the snails enough nourishment to survive and multiply. What you can do is to control the amount of food you give to your fishes. Limit them and you’ll notice how the snail population is controlled inside the tank.
    • Let the ecosystem work. Letting the ecosystem work means putting in a fish that eats snails. These fishes have the ability to look for snails in the tank and will enjoy eating them, resulting in the cleaning of your aquarium. Famous fishes that do this job include a labryrinth fish, Yo-yo loach, and lots more.
    • Finding a product that eliminates aquarium snails. Experts have developed different products that will eliminate snails. They are formulated to carefully target snails without causing negative effects on your other fishes. Follow the instructions on the pack to use it effectively.

    Preventing aquarium snails from coming back

    Controlling or eliminating aquarium snails doesn’t guarantee that snails won’t come back. Hence, you must use several techniques to preventing them from populating. Simple procedures include the following:

    • Ensure that you only place fish in the tank. Some people are not so careful in putting their fish in their tanks. They will only place the fish in the tank without checking if the bag contains a foreign object. Don’t transfer the fish and water from the bag immediately as you may notice other matters like snails, which means it will only be a matter of time before they multiply in the aquarium.
    • Put some treated live plants. Live plants inside the aquarium will promote a more balanced ecosystem for the fish. They promote better oxygen production, which fishes need to survive. Before placing the plant, soak them in several solutions to kill snails. Snails will be attracted to the live plant and they will be eliminated once they take a bite from its leaves.

    Bleach is one of the famous solutions in dealing with snails. Soak the plant in bleach for around five minutes, but don’t put it immediately in the tank. Soak it again in plain water treated with a de-chlorinating agent for the same amount of time. Rinse it and then let it do its job in the tank.

    Alum solution also works effectively as soaking solution for the plant. Two tablespoons of alum mixed with a gallon of water is effective. Soak the plant for three days, rinse well, and put it in the aquarium.

    Overall, taking care of aquarium snails is easy as long as you know these procedures. Control and prevent them from invading your aquarium with the simple steps. Solutions are also available right in your kitchen, unless you want to buy special solutions in stores.

  • tryminecraftforfree

    Minecraft – Experience Your Imagination.

    If the name Minecraft doesn’t ring any bells, it’s really time for you to sit down and take a good look at what all the buzz is about. Minecraft has been a name that’s been on the lips of indie gamers for a great deal of time, and for good reason as a result of the games capacity to be attractive to various gamers alike. Regardless of your usual gaming preference, Minecraft’s diverse approach to the realm of sandbox game play makes it a commodity as there’s really something to suit everyone.

    Minecraft is game simple in design and game play, but easily as complex as your mind allows. By utilizing a very concrete game engine, the opportunities for effectively creative game play are endless and determined by your will rather than the design of the game system. Now you’re probably wondering how that’s possible, especially after seeing screenshots of what looks like a game from the 90s. You’re absolutely right, it’s not the prettiest looking piece of software, but that’s not what they we’re going for when it was designed. Imagine a world in which everything is built to perfectly 1 metre scale, and you have the ability to build literally anything your mind can imagine. This is Minecraft, if you know how to utilize proper measurement techniques, you can effectively construct famous architectural monuments by utilizing the scale block system in Minecraft. So don’t allow yourself to immediately be put off by simplistic graphics, Minecraft has more to offer than you’ve given yourself the chance to see.

    Lastly although Minecraft is pay to play at a one time purchase of roughly $27, the main designer Markus Persson has legitimized the option of pirating the software if you are currently low on cash and want to try Minecraft for free. All he asks is that if you are pleased with the game you pay for a legitimate copy when you’re back on your feet financially. There are also a number of options that allow you to play via browser that can be utilized without purchasing if you are content playing single player. However if you would prefer to experience the game in a server setting, the former option is a great tool.

    Enjoy Minecraft! The in game opportunities are only limited by your imagination so take advantage of a great piece of software and have fun.

  • best printers

    Couple of the best printers you will find

    When shopping for the best printers, you need to take extra care on the specifications of the printer you are planning to buy. You need a printer that is versatile and can produce a lot of copies without much tussle. Other than the specifications of the printers, you also need to check the type and the price of the inkjet cartridges that the printer you want to buy is using. This is critical in a sense that if you buy a printer that uses a very expensive ink cartridge, you are most likely to end up spending more on replacing the cartridges than the actual price of the printer. This article therefore, gives you a list of some of the best printers you can find in the market today.


    The Epson NX series. This printer is barely a year old in the market and has gained much popularity due to the fact that it is able to deliver some of the best quality printing services under the sun today. It employs the use of high quality printer cartridges that are able to print top quality images in full-color. The other exceptional feature of this printer is that it comes with four individual ink cartridges meaning that you only need to replace one cartridge of your choice at a time. Other than just printing it is also able to scan and copy documents.The Epson NX


    Canon PIXMA MX850. This printer is one of the best printers that ruled the market in the year 2008. It offers all-in-one services, something that makes it exceptionally outstanding. Canon pixma mx850 is able to scan, copy, print borderless photos and most importantly fax directly fax from your computer. It has a five-ink system that is able to use four dye-based inks and a single black pigment-based ink.


    Epson CX7450Epson CX7450. This is another outstanding product from Epson manufactures that cuts the mark of the best printers in this era. Unlike the two above, this printer is wireless and it can perform multiple jobs for you other than just printing! For instance, it can scan, fax and copy documents for at home and in the office. It has the ability to produce borderless prints especially it is working at a speed of 28ppm. In addition, this printer can as well use generic ink cartridges and show no problems or flaws.



    Other best printers that you might choose include;

    • · Kodak ESP 7
    • · Hp C4599
  • Samsung_Chromebook_frontview2_webres

    Chromebook – Latest Advancement in Technology

    Technology is evolving each day. Computers are getting smaller and smarter. The new advanced addition in this field is Chromebook from Google.

    The Chromebook is actually is a netbook. One can also feel similarity of chromebook with tablets. It is completely web-based. It lacks the optical drive. So, one can easily understand that all the activities in the netbook are completely internet dependent. To make the work easier and help the tech savvy to indulge into the machine, manufacturer installed about thirty thousand applications are specially designed for the Chromebook. It has a number of USB ports that one can use for external devices like camera, external keyboard and so on.

    The most advanced change in the machine is its operating system. Instead of using popular operating systems like Windows and Macintosh, the Chromebook uses a specially designed system called chrome os. The operating system has all the functions that any advanced operating system can do. The Operating system allows downloading of software, its update and other requirements from internet. So, the machine has all the recent up gradations. It’s highly important and strictly recommended haveing updated software to use recent format audio, video or documents. Moreover, the up gradation includes advanced features in the operating system and the installed applications. This will make computing easier. The Operating System has its own multiple layer protection mechanism. So, one need not bear extra cost for antivirus.

    The Chromebook is available with sixteen gigabyte storage space. Alternatively one can have a thirty-two gigabyte solid state drive. The SSD is much less damage prone than any other hard disk. Most of the users like to use cloud computing and upload their files to Google drive. This reduces misplacing of the files and helps one to cope up with the storage shortage problem.

    Interestingly, one can unwrap and use the Chromebook just as it is by logging into own email id. With internet in hand, Chromebook is truly the computer for new generation.

try minecraft for free